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10 Things You Never Knew About The Santa Clause

Disney film watchers enjoy searching for hidden Mickey Mouse heads and ears in the studio's animated and live movies. Among the hidden Mickeys in 1994's "The Santa Clause (MORE)
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12 Biggest Celebrity Photoshop Fails

In the Photoshop age, it is normal for magazine editors to zap a zit or smooth a wrinkle here or there. But what happens when the edits are a bit overzealous? Here are a few o (MORE)
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12 Things You Never Knew About Grease

"Grease" has been the word since the popular film's release in 1978. Who doesn't love watching bad boy Danny pine away for demure Sandra Dee? Here are a few things you may not (MORE)
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The Cast of "Can't Hardly Wait" Then and Now

Released in 1998, "Can't Hardly Wait" has remained a classic teen favorite for years, and we doubt that will change anytime soon. This film launched many careers for its actor (MORE)