10 Films That Predicted the Future

Many popular movies are set in the future, but some of the advanced technologies they portray eventually, amazingly, became realities our world.

"Total Recall"

While a car may not exactly drive itself like in this movie, there are cars that will park without the steering from the driver.

"Back to the Future"

Some of the technology featured in "Back to the Future" has become a reality. Smart technology you can wear is now part of everyday life.

"Short Circuit"

Military robots may not be as personable as the star of this movie, however, the machines can be used in many situations. Most are operated by programming.

"War Games"

Computer hacking can be child's play or serious business. This movie depicted both worlds and highlights how scary both can be.

"The Jetsons"

A robot that vacuums the floors may have once seemed far fetched, but now these devices are sold in most home goods stores.

"Minority Report"

Touch devices are commonplace, but yet looked so cool in this movie. Nearly every consumer will encounter a touch screen in their daily life, even if they do not have a touch device of their own.

"The Truman Show"

Reality TV is now more popular than standard programming with many viewers. There are more reality series being tested each season by all major networks.

"The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy"

Although the Internet has been around for decades, the film hit on how crucial it would become in our everyday lives."

"Blade Runner"

The brightly lit billboards in this movie are now something many see on a daily basis. While standard billboards still exist, digital billboards have also become commonplace.


This movie alludes to many advances in medicine and concepts like genetic testing. These are all very real parts of medicine and evolve constantly.

These movies may seem to be crystal balls into the future. However, in most cases, the things movies predict never happen. But at the same time, only time will tell...!

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