6 Actors Who Were Fired From Famous Movies

  • Ryan Gosling - The Lovely Bones

    Ryan Gosling was selected to play the father in The Lovely Bones, even though he was initially concerned about looking too young for the part. Upon being hired, he gained 60 pounds by drinking melted haagen daas instead of water and grew a lot of facial hair in order to look older. He was replaced by Mark Wahlberg just before filming began because he didn't have the "right look."

  • Ryan Gosling - The Lovely Bones

    Apparently the director thought that he was too fat and decided it didn't suit the character.

  • Ryan Gosling - The Lovely Bones

    I guess Ryan ate a little too much. Since then he's slimmed down and has redeemed his career.

  • James Purefoy - V for Vendetta

    James Purefoy was fired from V for Vendetta and replaced with Hugo Weaving. James claimed that there were too many creative differences, but the prevalent rumor is that he disliked wearing the mask throughout the whole film.

  • James Purefoy - V for Vendetta

    Since he was fired 6 weeks into filming, the movie still has scenes with Purefoy, although Hugo Weaving's voice was dubbed over.

  • James Purefoy - V for Vendetta

    Although he was cut from the film, James can breathe easy now knowing he'll never have to wear that mask again.

  • Stuart Townsend - LOTR

    Originally cast as Aragorn, Stuart Townsend spent two months training and learning to sword fight, before being fired the day before filming began. Viggo Mortensen was brought in to play the role of Aragorn instead. The reason he was fired was that he looked too young for the role, but that does beg the question of why he was hired in the first place, when clearly that could have been assessed earlier.

  • Stuart Townsend - LOTR

    At any rate, he was not compensated for his preparation, or for the roles he turned down while planning on playing the part.

  • Stuart Townsend - LOTR
  • Eric Stoltz - Back To The Future

    After five weeks of filming, Spielberg decided to replace Eric Stoltz with Michael J. Fox in the role of Marty McFly. Eric Stoltz played the part too seriously for the comedic spirit that Spielberg intended.

    [An earlier version of this article stated that filming lasted for 4 weeks. We apologize for this error.]

  • Eric Stoltz - Back To The Future

    Besides Michael J. Fox's light-hearted portrayal of Marty McFly, he is also 6 inches shorter than Stoltz which conveniently made Biff seem more intimidating.

  • Eric Stoltz - Back To The Future
  • Christian Bale - American Psycho

    Christian Bale was the actor who appeared in American Psycho, but he was also originally offered the role and then fired. The first time he was offered the role of Bateman, the studio later changed their minds and he was fired. Leonardo DiCaprio was then hired but backed out due to Titanic's massive success.

  • Christian Bale - American Psycho

    Finally Ewan McGregor was offered the part but declined. Seemingly out of options, the studio rehired Bale for the part.

  • Christian Bale - American Psycho
  • Megan Fox - Transformers 3

    Megan Fox was a pretty major player in Transformers 1 and 2, but she lost her spot in the third movie when she compared director Michael Bay to German dictator Hitler. Steven Spielberg called for her immediate dismissal after he heard the comments she had made to a British magazine.

  • Megan Fox - Transformers 3

    Spielberg has produced Schindler's List, Survivors of the Holocaust, and The Lost Children of Berlin, he did not take Fox's comments lightly.

  • Megan Fox - Transformers 3
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