Kim Kardashian's Strange Baby Name Revealed

Kim Kardashian Baby Name

The Kardashians have been surprisingly private about Kim Kardashian's new daughter, for a clan that lives in the limelight. But finally, it seems her baby's name has been leaked!

What is Kim Kardashian's new daughter's name?

Her name is allegedly "North West", according to a close source that revealed this to Us Weekly. The baby is said to have no middle name. The source also said her nickname would be "Nori". Kim, Kanye, and lil' North left the L.A. Cedars-Sinai Medical Center on Thursday night. Before, many had speculated that the baby would be named after the rapper's late mother: Donda. Or Kaidence. E! News also reports on the baby's appearance. "She has black straight hair! Lots of it! Looks like a good mix of both of them but more like Kim," a source told E! News. "She's adorable!" Apparently, "Kanye is so in love with her," the source added. "He won't leave her side." Congratulations to the new parents! Let's hope North will be a fan of her name too in the future.

The flurry surrounding Kim and Kanye's new addition isn't likely to die down for a while. But at least now we know what the baby's name is, instead of speculating. And that North is adorable. But maybe not her name.

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